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Aegis retaliator without escort

aegis retaliator without escort

Can the Eclipse carry anything other than 3xS9 torpedoes (like for instance a ton of regular missiles or multiples of smaller torpedoes like the S5 carried by the Gladiator)?
Survivability also comes into play here with the Eclipse being less durable than either the Gladiator or Harbinger, currently expected to have a similar durability to that of a 300i.
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Better AI systems mean more effective defense!The Eclipse was designed from the start to carry S9s, the tradeoff is it doesnt carry much else and is neither very tough, nor agile.With a distinctive elongated silhouette that is dotted with turrets and carrying a massive bomb load, the Retaliator is an effective symbol of Imperial might.To summarize the intended roles between the four bombers (Polaris excluded The Gladiator is the short range bomber, capable of absorbing and dishing out damage.The Jormungandr serves as the blade of the Kerberos fleet(s and is armed to fit that role.A detailed understanding of the Retaliator, and experience flying heavy vehicles is ideal.It doesnt currently have a lot of fuel reserves so a single mission is the best plan of attack rather than daisy chaining a few together, where a Retaliator or Harbinger would fare better.It is very rare that these items are hull locked and currently none of the default items (i.e.Payment to the crew will be handled as a percentage cut of the vessel's share, with the division of pay to be decided at a later date, such that the crew has been assembled and properly assessed.Additional skills sought: Medical Training / Experience, close-Quarters Combat Training, good Communication and leadership skills.The Eclipse carries three size 9 torpedoes, and two size 2 ballistic gatling weapons.You are the first line of defense, and the second of offense.Its not designed to be a dogfighter, but rather a very specialized bomber that wants to approach a target silently, fire its payload, and leave.The Harbinger will allow you to maintain a longer time in the verse and the Gladiator will pack a more rounded punch.Wouldnt Size 9 torpedoes in fighters be considered game breaking when the Retaliator already has S9 and the Polaris capital ship has S10?Skill with maneuvering around debris, and other ships is ideal, and experience with blockade running would assist greatly with escaping enemy fighters.The Harbinger is the mid to long range endurance bomber, carrying more weapons and armament than the Gladiator and able to take more of a pounding and survive deeper into space, but without the stealth capabilities of the Eclipse.You, as the Engineer, are expected to survey the vessel regularly, seeking out, and repairing any damaged sustained by Jormungandr during combat.In slut escort milf the case of boarding, you are expected to defend the other crew, and the Torpedo bay, preventing the attackers from disabling the vessel's primary weapons.Other classes will have comparable benefits and weaknesses allowing players to mix and match items to tune their ships behavior.
The Eclipse was designed around this sole purpose, while something like the Vanguard series will be more flexible with its modularity.
Will there be any civilian companies looking to retrofit this military crafts torpedo ports allowing for stealth cargo running?

Official Designation The official designation under the old UEE designation system was confirmed to be B4G 9 by David Haddock.