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Trump Questions LeBron James' Intelligence; President Lashes Out At NBA Star LeBron James; First Lady Pushes Back; First Lady Stands Apart From Her Husband at Key Moments.
Supreme Court Declares Marriage Fundamental Right; Richard Matt Shot And Killed; Press Conference of New York Governor and Police; Supreme Court's Historic Decision on Same-Sex Marriage.
Aired 8-9p ET Gorka Resigns, Trump Pardons Arpaio; Hurricane Harvey Intensifies to Category 4; Millions at Risk as Monster Hurricane Closes In; Arpaio Thanks Trump for Pardon August 24, 2017 Trump Makes Scripted Call for Unity After Divisive Phoenix Rant.Aired 8-9p ET March 15, 2018 Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization in Russia Probe; Washington Post: President Trump Decides to Remove.R.Aired 8-9p ET Anti-Trump Protests in Several Cities; Many Demonstrations Centered Around Trump-Owned Properties.Protection; Trump: Obama "Taking Chunks Out Of Second Amendment; Trump: Clinton Wants to Take Guns Away; Trump On North Korea; Trump: China Can Handle North Korea "So Easily Getting Illegal Guns Off The Streets of New York City; Staggering Gun Violence In Chicago; Emotional Obama.Journalist Freed in Syria; Mother of Freed Journalist Speaks Out; Obama Approves Recon Flight on isis in Syria; Can isis be Stopped?; 120 Healthcare Worker Dead from Ebola New Evidence in the Michael Brown Shooting; American Jihadi Killed in Syria; The Hunt for James Foley's.Marine Corps Commandant Speaks Out; Lebanon on the Brink of Civil War?; Atlanta Shooting Death Raises Controversy; Controversial Professor Under Fire; Comedy Club Patrons Speak Out about Racist Tirade; Michael Richards Apologizes to Al Sharpton for Racial Comments; Automotive Black Boxes: Safety Devices or Big.Aired 8-9pm.Y.Weighs War Crimes against Syria; Epic Firearm Foul-up; Defending Casey Anthony; Recycling Hotel Soap to Save Lives June 16, 2011 Congressman Anthony Weiner Resigns; Mitt Romney Under Fire Politicians Behaving Badly; Casey Anthony's Web of Lies; One on One with Michelle Rhee June 15, 2011.Aired 8-9pm ET March 20, 2015 Suge Knight Collapses in Court; Pat Deegan on Police Training to Handle Mentally Ill People; Solar Eclipse in Equinox; "The Ridiculist".Croix After Being Spared By Irma; At Least 230 Dead In Mexico Quake Urgent Search For Survivors; Mueller Asks White House For Documents Related To Flynn, Comey Firing; Wash Post: Manafort Offered "Private Briefings" On Trump Campaign To Russian Billionaire Close To Kremlin.Sanders: The Woman Vote; Albright, Steinem Criticized For Message To Young Women Voters; Bloomberg: I'm Considering 2016 Bid; Clinton Struggling With Young, Women Voters; Will Snow Storm Impact.H.Aired on 8-9p ET Judge Orders Government to Turn Over Material to Cohen's Legal Team; Trump Lawyer Cohen Reveals His Secret Client Sean Hannity; President Trump Lashes Out Again at "Slimeball" Comey; Comey Defends Handling of Clinton Email Investigation; WH Walks Back Russian Sanctions Announcement.Aired 8-9p ET Mark Green Withdraws As Army Secretary Nominee;.H.Aired 9-10p ET November 18, 2016 Trump "University" Lawsuits Settled for 25 Million; industrigatan prostituerade Trump Meets with Romney This Weekend; Sessions Pick Stirs Civil Rights Concerns; Trump Choices Spark Criticism; Trump Taps Hardliners for 3 Key Posts.
Aired 8-9p ET Sources: Trump Legal Team Felt Blindsided By Giuliani; Comey Blasts Giuliani for Comparing NY FBI Agents to Nazi "Stormtroopers NY Times: Some Conservative Lawmakers Suspected of Sharing Secret Mueller Investigation Files with White House; CNN Discovers The Truth About Your Electric Car.

Obama: The Homestretch Number Five on the Ten Most Wanted Culprits of the Collapse; Candidates Trading Jokes; Wall Street Whiplash; On the Homestretch October 15, 2008 Analysts, Voters Break Down the Debate; Hillary Clinton Responds to Debate Post-Debate Analysis October 14, 2008 McCain Lays Out.
In Crosshair Of Huge Snowstorm; 3,000 Flights Canceled Ahead Of Major Storm; 75 Million In Path Of Powerful Winter Storm; Blizzard Warning For Baltimore,.C.
Keith Ellison Muslim Conspiracy?; Interview With Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison; Romney on the Attack July 16, 2012 Interview with David Axelrod; The Pain of Bain; Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration?