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Broken heart bordello monk answers

broken heart bordello monk answers

A: Yes, everyone will not always get their desired action. .
If you believe your choice is superior to others, leave a comment in the thread involving your idea then explain why you think your choice is the best. .
I'm hoping that I could prompt a kind soul to write a walkthrough!
A: Be patient, during certain events sexual images will appear and slave girls can be used to service customers for money. .All players fill in the shows of the Master and on certain actions are allowed to vote on his decisions.This may not always work, but it provides feed back for the staff and can sway others to your side. .Maybe I can help you.Q: So what exactly am I allowed to do?During votes, a small box will appear at the bottom of the thread, simply choose your desired action out of the box, and then click vote. .A: The master can put his girls to work to gain money, currently only Chizza, a female from the back-story, is in his employment. .A: Just under the character portraits and list of rooms is the chatbox. .A: Why my good friend, have you tried persuading other readers through the comment section? .Thanks for the offer Rwede, the thing is this thread and the comments on Patreon are full of ppl asking for hints and I too am not good at these types of games (or in my case games in general allo cine escort lol) so I'm sure I'll.Q: This is supposed to be sexual, but all youve talked about is money and food and problems! .Now he has returned home to find out more of the events surrounding his familys destruction and to seek vengeance.I love the writing and art in this game so far and would love to support.A player can vote once a day and current poll results are kept at the bottom of the page.There are near endless possibilities of actions for the Master to choose from and it is your job to help him decide.A: When many hear the words collaborative story, their minds turn to a role playing game; which BHB happens to be, but not in the traditional sense. .Deleted, it's better in the app, the reddit app is the easiest way to browse.This concludes our.A.Q section, more will be added as questions come.Where is the sex!?

A: The Master is a human like everyone else and has to feed himself and pay rent and for repairs.
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I've met both the boy sailor (gave him 60g) and the monk (and got the robe by answering the questions) and Betika is working on the second floor where I've already saved her once from a trouble customer.