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Crystal-clear voice alerts and high resolution display.
With the warranty, if there are any problems with the 9500ix, it will either be replaced or repaired with no additional costs to you.
When you buy the Escort Passport 9500ix, you will receive a one-year warranty in the case that the radar detector is defective or becomes damaged.
You will receive free updates for 3 months after purchase and will then have to pay a subscription fee for further updates.R3 vs 9500IX vs speed sign.You will also find an operators manual and a travel case made of sturdy aluminum.X band and KA are off the charts.There is an indicator light on the adaptor plug that will tell you how strong the signal is, which will give you an idea of how close you are to the radar that has been detected.The result is that both of these newer detectors, the Passport and Passport Max2 are able to sniff out real police radar based on the DNA profile, while also filtering out all those annoying false identitet polis tagen på bordell stockholm alerts.Escort Redline RU vs Escort Passport 9500ix int (GPS off) Hightway (rear).Giant online marketers make the best costs include delivery (United States).In addition, more edge and more for the product's capabilities in the.You will not find another radar detector that has the ability to detect and alert you as quickly as the Passport 9500ix.Escort Passport 9500ix, which you can use with the hardware, you would add other gadgets are more protection and to give reliable information about speed traps.The radar work fine, but in my opinion it's lacking a longer range antenna.The Passport has four times the capture distance of a police radar gun, which provides you ample warnings for police K and Ka instant on speed traps.McLaughlin - Escort 9500ix, March 30, 2011.For more information about the Passport 9500ix, the Max2 or the Passport visit Radar Roys website at:.
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Now here another option, the Passport Max2.