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Cant escort prixilla assassins creed

Disraelis dog gets taken and you have to travel to multiple waypoints in a short distance to catch up and return the dog.
Attack those enemies that are a threat to Phanos, then you can eliminate the rest of them.
When you reach the waypoint, get out of the carriage and escort Mrs.
The main things to watch is your target looking around while you follow him.Communicate with your teammates!Speak with the people until you reach the ladder that leads underground.Your primary target here is the Earl of Cardigan (marked with a purple skull).Frequently Asked Questions, join our Network, follow r/AssassinsCreed on Twitter and join our official Discord server!He patrols the courtyard north of the main building.If you can complete this task within one minute you will complete another optional challenge as well.Assassinate the guard standing near the window and the second guard patrolling the nearby kat slim escort stairs, then move into the room to the south and burn the counterfeit money to complete the optional challenge.Once the Prime Ministers conversation is over, tackle the spy as he leaves the area.Head back out the same way you came in and get a safe distance away from the bank, then head to the final waypoint of the memory to speak with Abberline.Defeat them all and speak with Tefibi.Watch for the Triange (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) to appear, indicating when the sniper is about to fire.Get on Kara's horse and go back to the girl.Disraeli through the slum.The Bodyguard, head up to the roof and stand on the ledge to begin this memory.Press J to jump to the feed.You can be attacked.You don't have to kill the convoy's escort piger copenhagen guards because you can escape them (this is easy to do because they don't have horses).This time, you must face more difficult soldiers (levels 20-21).There are no practice areas for pickpocketing, so youll have to do it live in the streets.
Wrath of the Poets Suggested level: 20 How to unlock: Speak with Phanos.