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Chicken escort quest wow

Feral Scar Yetis are considered to have the highest drop rates for this item.
Homing Robot OOX-22/FE from, feral Scar Vale to, the Forgotten Coast.
Engaging cloak for transport to Booty Bay!" Quest progression Edit Complete all three of the above, and Oglethorpe Obnoticus offers you 50 An OOX of Your Own.This will be by 3 scorpions, between 2 small mounds of dirt.Cluck!" 1st Ambush (the scorpions "cluck!Cluck!" Aggro 1: "Physical threat detected!You will encounter a third group consisting of four or five gnolls (about level bianca arden escort 46-48) where the road forks to the west, after you cross a stone bridge near a waterfall.The easiest way to obtain the drop for the Tanaris escort quest is by doing.While this quest is not impossible to solo at the given level, it is advised to have a friend along.Mechanical Chicken, item Level 40, disenchants into: Not disenchantable, use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.This quest is not impossible solo at the appropriate level, but having a friend along is recommended.The object for the escort quest in Feralas is a random drop from any mob in that zone, so the best thing is just to do quests there. Thank you again for your generous assistance, my robots and I are in your debt!I need you to escort the robot from its current location to, let's say, Caverns of Time!If you save all three of his inventions, Oglethorpe Obnoticus gives you a gift: a pet mechanical chicken!The first spawn consists of three yetis (about level 48 and you shall encounter them just north of the cave you found the robot.That should be a perfect place, and long real escort växjö enough, to get things online!" "Escort it safely to the dock, and then come talk to me in Booty Bay!These should probably be killed, if possible, before starting the quest.If a player finds a beacon to lead them to the downed bird, they svenska prostitution can escort the mechanical chicken to safety.
GM responses have been "drop the quest and try again".