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The reason manufacturers don't install a resistor inside some high-output/performance ignition coils is because these coils draw more amps from the battery or charging system.
However, a high-output/performance ignition coil would probably be able to fire the worn plug.
TO finanufacturer OR item, press Manufacturer hipotronics Model OC60D-A OC90D occm ocpc ocpc-A OCS51MG X800PL 4FI-35PBI 55 OM 0/100 MPa 0/350MPa 76/20 cmHg-kg/cm P3 86649 V-1060 V1065 V-1065 V-151F V-152F V-202 V-650F V-660 V-665 VC-6045A HI cyber-TIG 300 DC NC N/A S80-16F N/A 6BS.Ignition Points Cover with Kill Button for Kohler engines with Magneto Ignition.But with no ignition points, the magnet still pass the coil laminations at the same moment, which sends an electrical current through a transistor and electronic components prostituera sig på nätet within these modules.However, if a suppression/carbon-core spark plug wire and/or resistor type spark plug is used with a large-size battery-powered coil, and the coil operates at a higher than normal temperature (too hot to the touch then a metal core spark plug wire and a copper core.So I remove the ignition points and condenser/capacitor, plug the ignition points plunger hole, and install a universal electronic transistorized ignition module.That's why it's best to use an epoxy filled or molded epoxy coil to prevent the windings from vibrating, shorting out and/or breaking.Do not rotate the crankshaft to do this!(FYI - The blue color is made by the burning of hydrogen gas in the atmosphere, and the snapping sound is breaking of the sound barrier or a very tiny sonic boom or thunder sound released from the rapid burning of the hydrogen gas.).Navistar marine NDI NDT international NEI peebles nellcor nelson NEO-DYN neomed neotronics 1 1 1 neptune revere nesco neslab instruments JM Test Systems, Inc.Thermometer (MM-M ground detector clamp-ON meter Code/Lab states/multi-AMP statico statpower status instruments STB 5 JM Test Systems, Inc.If the spark plug wire will not pull out of the coil, simply cut it off next to the coil, and use Super Glue to secure it in the new coil.Optical atten portable digtl PH/MV pocket thermometer pH calibrator AC hypot AC/DC clamp ON multimeter dial torque wrench LF pressure gauge AC AMP controller Code/Lab 1 1 1 1 iwatsu instrumentawk instr.The crankshaft knows exactly where the piston is, plus the crankshaft is the most stable component in an engine in relation to piston position.TO finanufacturer OR item, press Manufacturer biddle Model MD Description decade BOX voltage detector phase tester detector/phase tester detector/phase tester voltage detector detector/phase tester HOT stick detector/phase tester cable fault locatr turn-ratio test SET transformer turn-ratio transformer turn-ratio CAL transformer three phase TR transformer turn-ratio.TO finanufacturer OR item, press Manufacturer ALL weights Model 24-LB weight 25/50 LB weight astm class.
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There will just be no spark.