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Escort automatic transmission problems

escort automatic transmission problems

Most transmission problems can't be fixed by the average do-it-yourselfer.
Fixes 6 valve bodies.
Not only can a low fluid level cause your car to shift poorly, it can eventually lead to transmission damage, and a costly repair.
147.87 General Motors Transmission - Valve Body Kits K46944 THM Up Corrects / Prevents / Reduces: 3 - 2 clunk; lockup shudder; reverse slip; converter drainback delay; late shifts; soft 1 - 2; band failure.96 K45944 THM Corrects / Prevents / Reduces: Reverse delay;.If there's a leak, let him know where and how much is leaking.Corrects complaint of no max throttle upshift or downshifts at too high a speed.66.56 K5391992 Taurus, Sable, Lincoln Lube Calibration Upgrade.51.41 K65944E Nissan 929 RX Corrects / Prevents / Reduces: 1 - 2 slide; spinup 2 - 3; 3 - 2 cutloose; mushy 4th, soft lockup; soft shifts.If you haven't replaced your filter in a while (or ever for a lot of us be sure to do this before you start talking about rebuilds or replacements.Includes Boost valve bushing.E40p Trucks Vans Gas or Diesel.101.60 K53944E axode AX4S, Taurus, Sable, Lincoln Lube Calibration Upgrade.When overhauling we suggest that you purchase one of these kits in addition to master overhaul kits.Problem Solving and Prevention Kits Automatic Transmission parts.51.61 K34944 THM Up Reverse Cushion Kit: corrects Harsh reverse.Call Special Order K51889HD THM 700, 200 - 4R 1981 - Up TV boost valve; higher line pressure for heavy duty towing, off road and performance.Automatic Transmission Application Information, What Domestic transmission do I have?Boring tool kit with oversized valves new springs.Bell Housing: This is the cone shaped metal case that you can see when you peek underneath your car.V THM th shift valve (automatic only Allows max throttle 3 - 4 shifts.37.92, k22946, rear Drive Alum Torqueflite, 1966 - Up 3 Speed.73.83 K51944 THM Up Corrects / Prevents / Reduces: Stuck TV; downshift clunk; 3 - 4 clutch failure; late shifts; no lockup; 2 - 4 band failure; early shifts; 1 - 2 slide/slide-bump; reverse delay hot; 2 - 3 cutloose; reverse clutch failure.31.76, ford Parts 4R100-LU, e40D 4R Also fits 97 E4 w/ PWM lock-up.
In addition to BMW automatic overhaul kits and repair parts we offer free technical support to assist you in solving your automotive problems as well as a large list of the following products to improve escort bollnäs your vehicles performance, economy, safety and appearance: We offer.