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Escort defias traitor

escort defias traitor

The Defias Traitor, gryan Stoutmantle, xP: 1700 (or 10 20 at level 80 this quest is part of the.
They can still be independent st petersburg escorts accomplished, but any items received will be below your current level, the XP will be much less helpful, and the cash, if any, will be small change compared to the amounts you are currently escort söderort bringing in from looting and selling vendor.
Low level quests If a quest is considered too low level for your character (if it will have a gray color in your log it will be much less visible.Sign up, you cant perform that action at this time.The reason for this is that other quests may send you in different directions and into other map areas.VanCleef and his men are hiding out, return.This will affect all kill counters for any single quest, regardless of the number of different items needed to kill.Additional notes: Some quests allow you to choose among reward items.Press h to open a hovercard with more details.Other than that they can be similar to solo and group quests.You watch my back and I'll take you to the Defias hideout.Find and speak to an NPC, which usually leads to a subsequent quest.Previously called an "elite" quest.Most quests are given.Also, other good quests to drop (in case you need to) are the ones you get from NPCs in the area of your Hearthstone -bound inn.
Some reward items may not be usable by your character (based on class usually).

To find out the quest or the status of an uncompleted quest, talk to the NPC with a quest status indicator.
A player can be in the process of completing (or completed but not turned in) up to 25 quests at any one time.
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