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Escort gw2 guide

escort gw2 guide

Interact with Pile of Leaves to collect Shadis gloves.
Interactive map edit Objectives edit Escort Glenna to the escort zx2 98 mercadolibre stronghold's courtyard.This should be repeated until the shard is destroyed.Once the Keep Construct's Defiance Bar is broken, it will start to rise into the air and evade all attacks for a few seconds.Scholar Glenna: I'm carrying a heavy payload and won't be of much use in a fight.Any player malmö real escort shemale entering the red area of effect at the statue's feet will instantly be teleported to the start of the maze.Norn squad member : Do it!In order to do more damage, the two russian bangkok escorts stacks of Xera's Embrace must be removed first.When he reaches 75, 50, and 25 health he will disappear and summon two clones with the same attacks.Players are recommended to spread out as evenly as possible and collect as many orbs as they can.Deny Xera's phantasms from protecting.You can always take more Toughness if you feel the need for.Scholar Glenna: On my way.

Any players caught outside the bubble will be immediately defeated.
Xera: You can't escape!
It is recommended to bring them to the center to avoid inadvertently hitting the Core, which may knock it out of the circle.