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The compliments came thick and fast after the show.
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" had been requested so we dusted bordell köpenhamn pris off the cobwebs and got playing it again.
More about this later.I was allowed a couple of hours in the hotel room on Wednesday morning before starting the day's promotion.Our own arrival in Namibia was marred by the fact that the visas hadn't been properly authorised and we were forced to sit in the airport for three and a half hours while the details were settled.Hopefully they won't have to wait so long for our next appearance.I have to say it goes down very well here.On the morning of The Aardklop Festival we changed hotels in order to be in place for the early flight on Friday morning.Due to a computer failure at Trondheim Airport all luggage was manually tagged all the way to our final destination.Finally we did arrive and had no chance to play with the sound before going onstage.After barely an hour of sleep in Trondheim I started my 24-hour journey to South Africa via Amsterdam and Abu Dhabi.Unfortunately, and quite predictably, not all luggage arrived in South Africa and some is still missing and unaccounted for.However, whilst loading and unloading the vehicle, Mike's carry-on bag was stolen (not an unusual event here in South Africa) and he lost his passport in the process.A large crowd gathered before we even had a chance to sound check and were thus treated to listening to Smokie rehearse for the first show of the tour.Since arriving in South Africa my feet have barely touched the ground - hence the late blogging.People had waited a long time to see Smokie's return to Namibia.Regardless of the fact that our own bass guitar, rhythm guitar and effects pedals were missing the show was received with great enthusiasm.It's a frantic pace at this end of the tour, but it quietens down tomorrow after the gig in Port Elizabeth.I'm off for an afternoon snooze before sound check.After several power failures and the need to leave the stage we returned to a modified power set-up that didn't fail and played a short set of ballads before launching into the rocky stuff.
The drive back to the airport again left us with little time to see a bed and we were on the early flight to Windhoek, apart from Mike who had to go to Pretoria to get an emergency passport.
Another short night preceded our morning flight to Cape Town where we are at the moment, having done another radio interview and a book signing on our way to the hotel.

Once the promotion was over the band and crew were taken to "Tribes one of South Africa's finest restaurants, to enjoy a welcome dinner from our promoter, Frans Swart of Lefra Music Productions.