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Although statistics are hard to come by, a recent survey by the Fiji police yielded a tally of 116 sex workers in kenya prostitution photos Suva and in surrounding areas.
Two months after a new anti-prostitution law took effect in Fiji, taxi driver Shiu Kumar says he sees fewer sex workers along Victoria Parade, the centre of Suvas nightlife.Police records show that between 20, only 11 cases of prostitution were brought to court.The Bad, all the rooms need a make over, with both of the two we stayed in being way beyond best.Moore says her group supports what sex workers in Fiji want - safe working conditions and the decriminalisation of the industry.Because the rooms are run down, stuff rattles etc throughout the night making sleep a bit hard.For sure, the new decree now targets people who hire sex workers and all those who benefit financially from the trade, such as brothel operators and pimps.Poverty is the major cause of prostitution, Ali asserts, and prostitution will exist as long as poverty exists.In announcing changes in laws on sex work, Attorney General and Justice Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum had said in January: "As the laws stand now, it is only the prostitute that gets charged but the person procuring those services does not (so) the males get away."Selling or buying" minors under the age of 18 years for immoral purposes is now punishable by 12 years imprisonment.Perhaps people are being too judgmental, Moore points out.Fiji police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri says that it is usually harder to arrest and charge foreign nationals as they have "fixed clients" and usually operate from inside nightclubs, bars, and private premises.Some of them turn to sex work to feed and educate their children, he says.Increased policing, harassment and exploitation of street-based sex workers are other possible unwanted side effects of criminalising the sex trade, Moore adds.Adds Dr Kumar adds that while the new law is not an entirely negative development because it will act as a deterrent and protect minors, more needs to be done to address the root causes of prostitution, such as poverty and unemployment."It is well- organised he said.Although the new law may help "ease the problem the Fiji Womens Crisis Centre (fwcc) says that sex work is more than just a police matter and needs a "more sustainable" approach.Economics lecturer Dr Kumar puts it this way: "While prostitution is looked down on by society, there are some positive outcomes from it that cannot be denied." He cites the example of single mothers who do not earn enough from regular work, or those who.
Shailendra Singh heads the University of the South Pacifics journalism programme in Suva.