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Escort passport max2 vs x80

For the Passport Max2, Escort has moved the bluetooth circuit from the SmartCord to the radar detector and hence you do not need to purchase a separate SmartCord and that is the main and only difference between the Passport Max2 and Passport Max.
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This Escort Passport 9500ix radar detector setup video walks you through (step-by-step how to configure and optimize your.
For the Passport Max, youll need to purchase a separate SmatCord in order to connect with your smartphone (using bluetooth technology ) and use the Escort Live app.For full review on the Passport Max2, Click Here.Video explaining every option of the Passport Max Radar Detector from Escort Inc.Escort Passport Max2, if you wondering what is the difference between the newer version of Passport Max2 and the Passport Max, let me tell you this.Radar Roy demonstrates Escort's new "Radar Detector Tools" program that allows users of the 9500ci to update the detectors.Total time 5 minutes.Connecting a Passport Max.I show how to get into the options on the.Follow Us On Twitter Follow Us on Instagram!For full review on the Passport Max, Click Here.This setup guide covers the Passport, X70, and X80 radar detectors.Purchase an Escort Passport X80 on [email protected] Like us on Facebook!The 9500ix is used as a demo model, but this.A tutorial on troubleshooting issues that can arise while using Detector Tools to update your radar detector.How to Configure your, escort, passport, X70, X80, radar Detector.

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