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Escort перевод транскрипция

escort перевод транскрипция

It's a dangerous love affair (Wha's up?
She was drinking ginger-beer and her escort had alberte brunette escort dk a shandy.
Everyone was surprised when she arrived at the party without an escort.Can't be scared when it goes down.Two Marines escorted Benny inside.Who gon' run this town tonight?These ladies were deferentially received and conducted to seats of honour.Federal agents handle passenger and luggage screening at the airport.He gave his biceps a flex to impress the ladies.Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.Hear the screams from everywhere (Yeah).This is La Familia, I'll explain escort tjejer rosasidan later.The teacher was able to escort all the children from the burning school.The hotel was all alive with elderly ladies.The shipment was escorted by guards.This is the only country in Europe to deny cancer screening to its citizens.The airline had been screening baggage on X-ray machines.That easy swim of movement which distinguishes the ladies of this country.He had escorted her to the first of her parties.He recommends screening pregnant women for diabetes.
The clinic is offering free screening for diabetes.
Anyone who interrupts again will be escorted from the meeting.

A student from the college escorted my parents and me on our tour of the campus.
It was not considered correct for young ladies to go out on their own.