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Escort quest hearthglen wow vanilla

escort quest hearthglen wow vanilla

DB/Quest: Mantles of the Dawn and Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn - Add spell conditions for the items from Hasana and Lightspark.
DB/Quest: The Annals of Darrowshire - Add 'Musty Tome Trap' Cast if the player loot the wrong Musty belin escort Tome (Fake).They are a source of experience, of gold, of gear, and of immersion.Add questevent for Lathoric the Black and Obsidion.DB/Quest: Vent Horizon - Add quest event and spellcast.DB/Quest: Hurley Blackbreath - Add combatevent with Blackbreath Crony.Remove nextquest and exclusive group DB/Quest: Suntara Stones - Add questevent and path with Dorius Stonetender DB/Quest: A Terrible Purpose - Add Mailreward after quest completion DB/Quest: Saving Sharpbeak - Add questendevent with Sharpbeak and his parents DB/Quest: Rumors for Kravel - Add questendevent.Add text and spawn for Kalaran the Deceiver.DB/Quest: James Hyal - Remove exlusive group and prevquest.Quests Are Better Now, heroes of Ascension!Implemented proper dialogue and scripts for relevant events, such as quests that have NPCs performing actions before unlocking the next quest in the chain.We hope that this overhaul improves your adventures, Heroes.No longer will you be in fear of completing a quest only to be unable to turn it in!Re-tooled certain quest-specific drops to feel hard won, but not grueling to obtain.Add escortevent for Melizza Brimbuzzle DB/Quest: Precarious Predicament - Implement questevent for Grark Lorkrub DB/Quest: Help Tavara - Always reward questcredit for every heal spell (Lesser Heal, Gift of the Naaru, Renew) DB/Quest: Sergra Darkthorn - Add spellcast of 'Echeyakee's Grace' on quest completion.Weve been hard at work with our reinforced team, giving them the treatment they deserve.DB/Quest: Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk - Add questevent and fight behaviour for Overlord Mok'Morokk.DB/Quest: Prospect of Faith - Ad questevent and texts for Historian Karnik.
Improved immensely quests that involve interacting with unique items (Emberstrife, anyone?).

DB/Quest: Kill 'em With Sleep Deprivation/Look at the Size of It!
Go forth and solve the worlds problems, one Goretusk Liver at a time.
Weve striven to perfect each and every quest you encounter in the world to make your adventures as smooth as we possibly can.