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Escort quest out of sunspring village

Get the engine, and then it's follow up, and then head into the venture co camp.
Take a quest to kill neraby Ogres to get rep with your faction, and do the follow.
After that, get on one of the southern roads into Telaar.
Thanks guys, real helpful.Meander southward, killing voidwalkers for Matters of Security, until you get to the edge of the world.Head in SB via the quest in Dalaran to save time.Run any dungeons you haven't done quests for, and you're.Throw Gordawg's boulder at the Shattered Rumblers, and they will break into 2 or 3 little Minions of Gurok.Do the quest line to see what's up at Taylors, and any more dungeons that open at 97 if you want.You should now be 68, and heading to Northrend.Once you've done the first set of quests accept the follow ups, and take your free quest item to the throne of elements.Venture into the gorge, and stop at the camp of dwarves to help out them, and poor lunk.Also once again you can now pet battle to level 100 from.There's a quest about animals in fires that's retarded easy worth a lot of xp next to a rare spawn.Reply With", 02:27 PM #5, re: Nagrand, missing quests for the quest achievement.Start at your faction specific zone, and level.I looked at the wowhead quest guide and theres like 4 different Monthly Reward quests, like one per rep lvl.Quest in Dread from 88 to 90 doing the new dungeons that open up for you.If not then just ask in general, and you'll get a group really fast.Join GitHub today, gitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review escort zabiina code, manage projects, and build software together.
If not quest a tiny bit more, and get to Nagrand.
Near a small mound is a group of bandits, and most likely a rarespawn.