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Escort quests tome

escort quests tome

Vampire Quest whose questfiles are misnamed and therefore cannot be given to the player unless both questfiles have corresponding names).
A Stolen Gem : Pick up a stolen gem from a guild member in a local town.
Trouble with Orcs : Kill the leader of srtockholm escort a local orc gang.
The Duel : React to a provocation.A Renegade Member : Execute a former member of the Dark Brotherhood.The Vanguard : In preparation for quest escort sheep to the monastery a planned vampire gathering, clear a local dungeon of lycanthropes.The Delivery Boy : Deliver a package to a person living in town.You can either threaten to kill the trolls to release escort swedesh bockpage him, or choose the second dialogue option which will reveal the possibility to have the contact released peacefully.Contents show, walkthrough, edit, meet Dijkstra at the Passiflora, edit.Two Cowards : Fight a duel as a substitute for a coward.The Dragonslayer : Slay a recently-hatched dragonling in a local dungeon.An Object Lesson : "Liberate" a magical item from a store.These debuffs stack with themselves up.*The debuff lasts 15 minutes if a player was to die and release in PVE.*The debuff lasts 3 minutes if a player were to die and release in ild Standards*Enhanced Destruction I, II, III: These abilities have been.This fight can be somewhat challenging even for high-level players, especially on higher difficulties, since the trolls will alternate between charging at Geralt and hurling rocks at him, leaving little room for attacks and maneuvers.It will automatically start through a conversation with.After finding it, you will have to use Witcher Senses to investigate the area, but not before dispatching some low-level wolves and/or wargs.An Expensive Purchase : Buy a magic item for a witch coven from a character in a local town.Gregor, the disillusioned, redanian soldier pointed out by Dijkstra.The Princess : Rescue an abducted princess.This brings the total number of Mastery Points a career can earn.*At Realm Rank 80, players will receive a passive buff which gives them a bonus toevery Mastery Path as if they spent one point in each path.*Many abilities have been relabeled.The Great Evil : Find and retrieve an object of great evil from a local dungeon.The Spook : Perform an exorcism at a haunted house in the region.Protect an Honored Mage : Assassins are coming for an entranced mage.
For general quest related hints read this page.
A0C00Y04 (binary-file) - contains the same data as the Impostor quest.