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Escort raid gw2

escort raid gw2

Something to keep in mind here is that Glenna no longer needs babysitting and you can leave her at the stairs (despite the icon showing above her, you will not wipe when she looses her stacks).
To make progress in Escort a raid team must secure 5 turrets, moving Glenna to commune locations in between each one.
If you decided to slot Master of Manipulation in your traits, it may be worth it to take Mimic.
Should you be unable to solo the tower, you still have a backup plan to retrieve teammates.Madness is a stacking debuff which has different effects depending on the amount a player has.If you do this in a pug, it's often a good idea to point out when you cap the tower/mention that wargs have spawned, because if you're really fast, their absent-mindedness will most likely kill Glenna.Atop this tower escort borlänge will be multiple White Mantle mobs.This feature is not available right now.Although you will still be saved to having defeated the Escort event but no loot will be recieved (I learned the hard way).But you already knew that.This means your characters eyes must line up with the statue.The actual "capping" of the tower takes place in what I can only describe as an invisible pulse.Once McLeod is defeated, players are free to bring Glenna to the final closed gate for her to blow it open with her explosives.Additionally, once the tower is secured, the escort group will be able to advance Glenna to the next glowing white circle to summon a new ley line which will both link the first tower to the second, and offer a ley line from the ground.
You can use it with Decoy as a sort of cheap Mass Invisibility, or with Portal to extend its life.

Now that legendary armor is a thing, I've lately been mixing Nomads with stat families that give you Power and Precision.
You can destroy mines with melee attacks and maximum range, or you can use ranged attacks.
Do not blow all of your skills at once, especially Mantra of Concentration, you need to be strategic and save skills for when you need them most.