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Next to the Little Hermitage is the old Hermitage, designed by Yuri Felton and it was specially built to house the growing collection.
I love your traceries iron of gate and railing, / The moonless brilliance of the light / That sheds a beauty never paling / Upon your meditative night.
For this reason Alexey was sentenced to death.In 1924 the Fortress was turned into museum.The spectators of the festival will rather see not a competition not a carnival and the fair of ideas.So the first Russian empress who lived here was Cathrin the Second.If you use the services of our guides, we strongly encourage you to write us and share your opinion on the quality of the service provided.If you want to be listed here, please send an one-page CV in English with a brief description of your experience as a travel buy escort passport max 2 guide to).The first is the ter's cathedral in Rome chinese soldiers escorting pig and second is ul's in London.The greatest architects of the 18-th and 19-th centuries created magnificent ensembles in our city.It was designed by the architect Yuri Felton.Listing on this page is free.Below you will find the list of our personal guides ready to assist you in tersburg (with Moscow, Kiev and Irkutsk at the Lake Baikal to follow suit in the future please contact each of them individually regarding their availability on specific dates and rates.The wings of the angel spread about 40m high.When, neither lamp or candle hiding / I sit composing verse or reading, / And slumbering mansions towering high, / Stand clear against the lucid sky.The cathedral inside the Fortress has also been turned into museum.Very few people could see this collection, hence the name The Hermitage which means an isolated place.

The festival is called The Fair of Ideas, the main point is the idea and presentation of the turn, competition of the thinking and the fantasy of the directors.
Many famous people were prisoners in ter's And Paul Fortress, among them - Dostoyevsky, Chernyshevsky, Gorky.