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Retrieved McPhedran, Ian (8 November 2014).
Home Guard units were groups of usually eight to 15 men that were to serve as defense units in case of war, located in towns and in both private and state-owned factories, throughout all of Sweden.
The government, possibly in response to Russia's aggression in Crimea and the Ukraine, has decided that a strong industrial defense capacity that is Swedish-controlled will be the cornerstone that underpins defense policy and future capability.
7 In 2001, the Rapid Response units numbered around 5,000 soldiers of the total of 42,000.Bohusläns Home Guard Battalion BohusDalgruppen Includes an aircraft troop and a boat company.Signals equipment at platoon level include Ra180 backpack radios and individual radios are issued to riflemen.Typically, the Cadets train one day or evening every or every other week, with 10-12 weekends per year spent in the field.Kåkind Home Guard Battalion Skaraborgsgruppen Includes an aircraft troop.The regional command is located at Norrbotten Regiment (I 19) headquarters in Boden.250 kr Örebro, mittdelar Radio / Ljudanläggning 900 kr Örebro Övrigt Automobilia 300 kr Örebro, bil Litteratur 140 000 kr Örebro, bil Fordon 30 000 kr Örebro, bil Fordon 175 kr Örebro, framdelar Kromdelar 12 345 kr, hela Danmark.Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.Support weapons include the Ksp 58 machine gun, grg m/48 recoilless rifle and Pskott m/86 light anti-tank weapons.West Bothnia Battalion Västerbottensgruppen Arctic, includes an aircraft troop, admiral escort bangkok a logistics (fuel and ammunition) platoon, a boat platoon and a cbrn platoon.Tæljehus Home Guard Battalion Livgardesgruppen Includes an aircraft troop.

By orders from a manager, Kockums staff tried to sabotage the repossession by locking the gates with the repossession crew and escort still inside.
Associated organisations edit The Home Guard also includes staff from eight voluntary organisations, so-called contractual organisations: Frivilliga Flygkåren (FFK) Voluntary Air Corps - reconnaissance and transport Flygvapenfrivilligas Riksförbund - Air Force Volunteers Association - support for the Swedish Air Force Svenska Fallskärmsförbundet (SFF) - Swedish.
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