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Organizing Global Work: Migration Infrastructure and förförd av en prostituerad the Logistics of real escorts stockholm Transnational Labor in Asia and the Middle East, invited keynote presentation at the conference Transnational Migration and Global Work, Stockholm University, March.
Teaching and advising Advanced level, Masters program, course organizer and lecturer.More recently, Lindquist has shifted his focus to the forms of brokerage and infrastructure that are shaping contemporary transnational migrant mobility from Indonesia to countries across Asia and the Middle East.At the center of this transformation are a growing number of private recruitment agencies that become brokers between state authorities, employers abroad, vivian perez escort and prospective migrants in villages across Indonesia.2015 Migration Infrastructure and Labor Circulation in the Indonesian-Malaysian Oil Palm Complex, invited speaker at the conference Migration and Late Capitalism: Critical Intersections with the Asia-Pacific and Beyond, University of Victoria, Canada, June.Doctoral students, secondary: Mia Forrest, Ulrik Jennische, and Simon Johansson.For more information, see their blog:.Johan Lindquist, telephone: 46 (0), e-mail: Room: B670.Lindquist also has an ongoing collaboration with American artist and scholar John Freyer at Virginia Commonwealth University about ikea.Public Culture 25(3 559-573.The Anthropology of Brokers and Brokerage.The book and film are suitable for undergraduate courses on gender, globalization, migration, and Southeast Asia and is available for purchase through Documentary Educational Resources ( ml ).Research, lindquists research has most generally been concerned with the relationship between transnationalism and migration, with a particular focus on Indonesia and Southeast Asia.
Figures of Southeast Asian Modernity, co-edited with Joshua Barker and Erik Harms.
Migration Infrastructure, invited lecture at the Institute for International Migration, Oxofrd University, May.