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Escort the defias traitor

Our cloven hoofed Draeni friends get a little short changed with only.
I dont think well be able to do it in our little group, but I have a level 40 how to escorta pc in a car hunter on the same server. .
VanCleef and his men are hiding out, return.We need your supplies from the north. .Escort The Defias Traitor to discover where VanCleef is hiding.The Defias Traitor : Defias Looter coming in fast! .He has promised to lead us to the hideout in exchange for his life. .Gryan Stoutmantle : Were you able to gather any information? .See, list of Westfall NPCs).Posted by 15 comments 92 Upvoted, what are your thoughts?And so I was amused to find that my mother and my daughter managed to find their way to Westfall without any real guidance from me despite the fact that they both play night elves as their primary characters. .Quest objectives, kill Edwin VanCleef and bring his head to Gryan Stoutmantle.Once the Defias Traitor shows you where.Completion Edit Most excellent, name!With VanCleef dead, this marks the beginning of the end for the Defias Brotherhood. .

There is a quest titled Bloodsail Buccaneers given by Fleet Master Seahorn (tauren) in Booty Bay that sends you to their encampment by the Wild Shoresouth of Booty Bay. .