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In 2015, a new marina (officially named "Northeast Marina" 20 was built at Wyspa Grodzka close to the city centre.
Stylish brewpub, serve their own beer (pilsner, dark lager, wheat beer monthly special).
Ask if in doubt.Skłodowskiej-Curie 4, 091/4890661 Sweden,.Taxi fare within the centre shouldn't cost you more than about 12-15.Kaskada - the newest and the biggest shopping mall in Szczecin, best brands and spacious foodcourt.Splurge edit Hotel Park,.Most of malls have free parking, and no one will check if you visited the mall or just used free parking opportunity.(A similar mention in the Krakow article says the bouncers there will rough people up on the way out - I didn't experience this, but then I'm also about 120kg) The taxi drivers bordeller i warzsava seem to be commissioned by the clubs as well -.Germany and served as the "port of Berlin".Also bear in mind that cycling on a sidewalk is generally prohibited and may sometimes result in an upleasant encounter with the police.Restaurant and bar owned by French expatriate.Fare from left side of the river (Lewobrzeże) to the right side (Prawobrzeże) or the other way is about 40-50.It is painted flashy orange, you can't miss.Starego Wiarusa 32, 091/4870302 Get out edit On the mainland: The town of Police and its Jasienica district - monuments from the Middle Ages, small marina in the Old Town on the Łarpia (Oder) River and wwii ruins of Hydrierwerke synthetic gasoline factory.As almost all projects consist of merchandise purchased not only in the United States but in various foreign countries as well, Rhenus Project Logistics is very well versed in the arrangement of shipments across international borders.Look for the red line on the pavements - so called "red walk" which connects nearly all the attractions within the centre.Szczecin shares its public transport with Police and borders the town - you can go to Police by taking public bus.
Szczecin is situated on the banks of the Oder (Polish: Odra ) and Regalica (branch of the Oder) rivers and Lake Dąbie, near the Szczecin Lagoon.