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Ford escort cosworth parts for sale

ford escort cosworth parts for sale

There were a few items that needed to be changed to meet federal regulations but for the most past all of the imported Cosworths are fairly original.
Auctioneers notes: The vendor of this car, which has been totally restored to a superb standard is a private collector and has some 16 cars in his collection. .These cars were imported as 19 models into the US by Sun International. .BaT and a, twitter discussion of whether it would be crushed. .Ford Escort Twin Cam 1600 TC Mk1 Lotus Ford Escort Twin Cam 1600 TC Original Rechtsgesteuerter Rundstrecken Twin Cam Baujahr 1969.Aug-2018, dorset, trade 1968 Ford Escort Twin Cam, year 1968.Original and prestigious P FIA, complete equipment according to specification Fiche ry competitive car, winning the Italian championship k for the price.Even in stock form, the cars could reach 60 mph in about.7 seconds. .Tom Calahane of Sun International was able to get these models certified by the DOT by petitioning them to allow a virtual crash test to be admitted instead of submitting a few models for actual crash testing and destruction. .01176085) at Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Peterborough, PE2 6EA.Since Ford was not selling the model domestically they required that all Ford badging be removed to show they had no relation to it here. .Fahrzeugrestaurierung ausschliesslich druch renomierte Fachbetriebe in die Schweiz gemacht worden.The engine is very stout and tuners have pushed some models up to a 1000 horsepower. .Italy, private 1969 Ford Escort Twin Cam Rally Car on The Market.The only sign that this is actually a Ford may be seen on the center caps of the original wheels.It ended up competing in, amongst others, the 19 Lombard RAC rallies.All tyskland escort of the models brought in featured the signature whale-tail wing and the Cosworth YBT engine which produced 217 horsepower from the stock.0L turbocharged engine. .
Import aus die Schweiz und verzollt fur EU!

A few years of rallying later, the car suffered a heavy roll and has subsequently been the subject.