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Ford escort cosworth wrc spoiler

Specifically the left hand drive models (LHD) which saved weight with a lesser trim level such as roll up rear windows, no air conditioning etc.
Suspension/Brakes, front: Compression struts, Ford Sierra cross-member and steering rack, Rear: Independent transverse arms, 22mm anti-roll bar, Bilstein coilovers all round, Escort Cosworth brakes, 278mm discs (front 273mm (rear).
The former had the red valve cover replaced by a green one, to emphasize the environmental friendliness.
He was an active participant in any way he possibly could.It was the result.Back in the mid-1990s, Ford created a one-off rear-wheel drive prototype based on the Escort Cosworth chassis.Ford Sierra that was built by, ford Europe from 1986 to 1992.The following number of vehicles were registered in the UK: published ametur escort denmark in the 1986 RS catalog: Max speed: 149 mph 0-60 mph:.5 sec Fuel consumption at 56 mph:.2 mpg Fuel consumption at 75 mph:.1 mpg Drag coefficient:.345 Rear spoiler: 20kgf.The gearbox, which features its own external oil cooler, has its line pressure controlled by the engine management system and selects its gear ratio whilst reducing torque on upshifts for a smoother gear change in sport mode.Many of the suspension differences between the standard Sierra and the Cosworth attributed their development to what was learned from racing the turbocharged.In practice, it was launched in July 1986, and 5545 were manufactured in total of which 500 were sent to Tickford for conversion to the Sierra three-door RS500 Cosworth.The replacement for the Sierra RS Cosworth was not a Mondeo however, but the Escort RS Cosworth.A requirement for participation in Group A was that 5,000 cars were built and sold.The Ferguson MT75 gearbox that was considered an essential part of the project wasnt available until late 1989 however.Hayes had earlier been the driving force behind the development of the.For the 1987 season the team ran both, using the XR4x4 on loose surfaces and the Cosworth on tarmac, but the XR4x4's power disadvantage was too great and from 1988 the team concentrated on the Cosworth alone, and continued to use it until the arrival.Formula One during the 1960s and 1970s.The original cloth Recaros remain, which have survived in excellent condition.By then technical development of the Sierra had ceased, and most of the team's effort was directed towards the upcoming Escort Cosworth, which promised to be a much more competitive prospect.In March 1987, Aston Martin Tickford was signed for the job of converting the 500 cars.Turners project would only need about 5,000 engines, but Ford nevertheless accepted the conditions.Suspension was essentially the same with some minor changes in geometry to suit a less aggressive driving style and favour ride over handling.

Inside this inconspicuous looking building resided a business called Autograph.
It was also very reliable.
His love of Ford and of motorsport in general stretches far beyond the realm of spectator.