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March 19 is Beaches Resorts Family Week, taped February.
January 15 is Wheel Around the World Week, taped December.
However, no Texas-themed puzzles are used.Pat, Vanna, and Jim appear in the closing segment and eat a cake shaped like the two-row logo.On May 15, the 1,000 Toss-Up THE hollywood sign is not themed to the week.As the Prize Puzzle offers a trip to Puerto Rico, the copy is accompanied by a caption reading "Tonight's episode was taped prior to the recent hurricanes" and a graphic of the Puerto Rican flag.A tennis player does a cold open: Roger Federer on Monday, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on Tuesday, Coco Vandeweghe on Wednesday, Alexander Zverev on Thursday, and Jack Sock on Friday.The Round 1 puzzle IT'S just another manic monday is inexplicably categorized as The 80's instead of 80's Song Lyrics.The Prize is a trip to Aulani, for which Vanna reads part of the copy.Also, only two Crossword Rounds are done this week.In addition, no American-themed puzzles are used at all.May 21 is Get Out of Town, taped April.On November 7, there is a 100,000 loss.The 1,000 Toss-Up and Bonus Round are What Are You Doing?On May 16, the shot of the Bonus Wheel is done at an angle instead of an overhead shot.The latter is an extremely rare instance of rstlne revealing more than half of the Bonus Round answer (baskets AND hampers).The shot of the Bonus Wheel is done at an angle instead of an overhead shot.The remixed Toss-Up bed first used during the second Disney Grand Adventures week in Season 34 is made permanent.On June 8: Caroline Wozniacki does a bumper after Round.For the first time this season, a category has "80's" added to it (80's Song Lyrics in Round 2).On November 6: Two males play.
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Vanna says that she does not have one but "that woman behind me" does, after which Queen Grimhilde from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs offers Pat an apple.

This is due to contestant Haley giving an incorrect answer and then arguing with Pat about.
Disney characters escort Pat and Vanna onstage: Mickey and Minnie on Monday and Friday, Donald Duck and Goofy on Tuesday, Mickey and Goofy on Wednesday, Minnie and Donald on Thursday.