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Foutu bordel meaning

foutu bordel meaning

Traductions supplémentaires être foutu de faire qch familier (capable) be capable of doing sth might do sth Christian est tellement bête qu'il est foutu de tout faire rater!
Most common, however, is the metaphor of a weapon shooting.
Not very nice, but in France, it should not be enough for receiving a slap.
What are you farting about at outdoors?Nous allons être à la bourre!Pouffiasse (n.f) bitch, hore Very rude : use it to talk about some (bad) girl but never say it to the (bad) girl herself!(Expletive) Used to wish someone tremendous good luck Abbreviation for the phrase "Merde A La Puissance Treize!" which is translated as "Shit to the thirteenth power".My teacher's opinion of his own abilities is exaggerated.Merde (noun,.) shit merdeux crap(py shit(ty) (adjs) merlan (noun, masculine) hairdresser another word of maritime origin."doudounes" is a nice, relatively recent one (the 70s, the phonetically ghost in the shell prostituerad repetitive form probably influenced by the rise of creole words in European French).The comparison between the penis and a cigar can even be found in more literary circumstances: in a scene of the novel Le Temps des Anges by Swiss-French ewriter Catherine Colomb, a banker cuts the tip off a Cuban cigar with his d thinks about.The syllables are reversed, and "eu" is added morue (noun, feminine) a low-level whore morue (originally cod like "merlan" or "maquereau is a word referring originally to fish.Refer this one to the verb "enculer" (to fuck up the ass but consider it primarily of use between males: ancient Greeks were considered the ultimate paederasts, valuing highly the man-boy sexual relationship (women being there for reproductive purposes only).Female politicians, in particular, are expected to look very bcbg if they want to be successful.Commonly used words for homosexuals.Bloblos (noun, feminine, plural) large, fat, drooping boobs The word can be considered somewhat vulgar - except to males drooling on big-chested women who obviously have not chosen the artificial firmness of silicone.
Foutu familier (en mauvaise posture) ( slang ) screwed ( UK, slang, vulgar ) buggered ( slang, vulgar ) fucked Si le directeur nous surprend en train de fouiller son bureau, on est foutus!

Y y'a du monde au balcon (verb phrase) what a set of knockers!