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Todays story comes from Tony.My sons and I started out hunting for bits and pieces to build a bbw adell escort Sierra RS500 replica and while capetown backpage escorts shopping ukraina escort in the UK stumbled across a brand new unfinished Escort Cosworth motorsport shell left over from Fords Group A/WRC Escort Rally Car program of the.A look under the rear of the car provided even more smiles with the Ka having been converted to rear wheel drive.Genuine OZ magnesium tarmac wheels came from the Sprongl Brothers in Canada, a genuine factory interior and all the factory stamped parts and carbon dash bits came from Nigel Habgood in Vancouver, the incredibly rare roof vents came from Weegee Smith.This was the car we would represent with our build, but it would be the tarmac version as I felt the car was not replaceable and we lived near wonderful Road America.Paddy McGrath, ford Fair 2012 on Speedhunters, ford Fair from Previous Years.Photos should be no less than 800 pixels wide.A look to the interior revealed a stripped and caged workplace with bucket seats, harnesses, digi-dash, switch panel and a hydraulic handbrake.The car took about three years to build and sort. .First a brief history of the Cossie. .This car ran into the 94 season with different paint and I believe was then scrapped (rally cars last about 2 years before the shells are replaced).The Ka Cosworth Photo by Paddy McGrath.It became apparent that the Cossie was very special and unique in that the car is a hybrid and shares very few pieces with any Ford production car and was designed and produced as a race car before any detuned street versions were produced.
I even duplicated the factory hockey stick flat exhaust. .

The trans is a Quaife Big Tooth, while the engine had the usual head work and custom Piper cams and springs supplied by Martin Hadland, chief Escort Guru in the.
There are so many things under here that Ill never appreciate but anyone can appreciate the work and craftsmanship involved.