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Prostitution was rare but not unknown in Kosovo before the war.
One of them said that she was kidnapped and brought here, while another one said that she had escaped from home and came here for work said Jack Seamson, Chief Detective of the unmik Police in Pristina.
Südafrika, i picked up the required, johannesburg.We can go forward towards the civilised world only like pris prostituerades revansch i samhället this.No one forced them.".We do our job and he pays us for that said Julia,."We will take over Kosovo said Elda, before climbing into a customer's blue BMW and disappearing into the night."What I am doing looks like a normal business."If I had money, I would have never done this she said.Hë, dëgjohet zëri i Mikaelës, kësaj here më miqësor dhe me veshët përpjetë.Arben, for example, is in his thirties and admits to running 7 prostitutes on Pristina's streets."There are many prostitution cases."It is cheap, and good, so there is nothing wrong here he said.