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Gw2 escort event

gw2 escort event

Four are in the top level (marked as red circles) and two are in the bottom level that you get access to as you progress deeper into the instance (one is at the very end after you meet Gorrik).
They do have very little HP and die quick.Press the controllers 1, 3, and 4, skipping the second controller and wait a few seconds after pressing each controller.Killing them will cause them to drop Volatile Ley Energy you can pick up and then use special action key on the boss.I Make This cassie uk escort Golem Look Good.Tufani Ilani Skaa Ubaya Feesi Magnetic Attraction 2 AP, Magnetic Personality title This is a pretty fun achievement.All you need to do is to get hit by this attack for the achievement.For this one you have to get detected by the Attack Drones.This will cause you to get attracted to the capacitor you are targeting and you will float towards it since it is low graivity.These dont matter for the achievement.The Charge fo 1 AP, found all the classified Inquest data in Rata Primus.Below are the pictures of the bottom ones for reference.
Remember which golem it is and then they will break formation and run to a random spot.

First make sure you grab the console right at the beginning of the instance that tell you that the password is password.
If you somehow missed it the first time, just come back to try again.