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Gw2 escort raid guide

You have a limited time to kill the Bloodstone Shard before the platform disappear and Xera kills everyone.
On the platform a Charged Bloodstone will spawn in a few seconds and you will need to kill it before moving on to the next platform (platform 5) via leyline gliding.
What usually happens is that this causes a chain reaction that quickly snowballs into a wipe as the black circle will expand to other raid members and so on, until the entire platform is covered in black goo that quickly wipe your entire raid.
Green Teleport (75 the green circle teleport strikes again.Acknowledgements Special thanks for members of the zQ progression team and Rubik for writing up the initial draft of the guide.Folge mir auf Twitter: m/DurdenGaming, folge mir auf Twitch: /durdengaming.If the kiter get the green circle, have a backup kiter to stay out and kite.Video, druid PoV, ele PoV, mechanics, platforms.Ghosts called Greed (small) and Pride (large) will start escort stockholm 0739529483 spawning from edge of the platform and walks towards the Shackled Prisoner.Ranger/Mesmer have pulls with Focus #4/Axe #4 that can pull the Exquisite Conjunctions to the Ley Rift.Once you push Saul to 50, you will get teleported back up again.To break down the chains, a random person in the raid will get a green circle.Xera will disappear from the main platform and you will be directed to platform.You will need to do the same four clone mechanic up top to kill Saul.There is another AoE that originates from middle of the platform and shoot out red orbs.Unless your DPS is super good you wont kill the Bloodstone Shard on one go so you will need to have everyone step off at 8-9 stacks.
Once the main group get teleported back up, all the Soul Feast circles will move up to Deimos and get removed.