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Hatsan escort extreme max review

The gun comes with a standard magazine capacity of 2 1 but they are also available to FAC holders with extended seven shot magazines.
There are five choke tubes made from stainless steel and extended so escort rs cosworth third wing they can be removed easily by hand.
Take my word that whichever Escort you buy, times have changed The Xtreme is tangible proof that you dont need to spend four figure sums to get yourself a modern, up to date semiauto stacked with features.
It will get dirty, but can easily be wiped off and renewed.This newest version, the Hatsan Escort XtremeMax, has changes to the stock and fore-end, though mechanically it is not much different from the standard Magnum model in its latest incarnation.Well the new Hatsan Escort Magnum Xtreme has certainly taken its time in arriving on these shores, but the wait has been more than worth it!Hatsan Escort XtremeMax, product: Hatsan Escort XtremeMax, manufacturer: Hatsan.That extra weight of metal takes it up to just a shade over 7 lbs which makes it quite heavy for an auto.The 28 barrel on the test gun was nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel proofed for steel shot to 1200 kg/cm.Heavy Metal, the next new feature is the fact that the 28 chrome lined, steel proofed barrel now has a vented and stepped 7mm cross-cut rib, the elevation starting atop the 3 chamber and culminating at an almost imperceptible flare to accommodate the chokes along.Add into the equation that youll still get a trade-in bid against a new Xtreme and Escort ownership becomes an even more attractive proposition.The Hunting purpose 12 gauge, 3 - 89mm double magnum chamber, is a gas operated semi auto shotgun and is fitted with Hatsans fast Loading SmartMAX Piston System.Problems can usually be fixed quickly and underpinning everything is a very comprehensive three year warranty covering mechanical defects from the distributors, Edgar Bros.Box of Delights, available in two distinct guises namely wooden furniture or the synthetic version as tested, the new Xtreme certainly looks different, the bright Technicolor box leaving you in no doubt, proclaiming in vivid tones as to whats different about the Xtreme compared.It was designed of course for foreshore and field use and here it is at home.With any make of semi-auto, views vary as to whether they should be oiled.This can build up to a point where it will gradually slow the gun and may even seize it up completely.And bear this in mind, if the Xtreme calls enough after four or so years hard use then youll have had some seriously cheap shooting with a shotgun that withstood everything you threw.If I had to make a negative comment it would be that the 5lb 7oz trigger pull is a tad on the weighty side although it must be said that its more than predictable, pleasantly crisp whilst those of us who wear gloves will find.As the name gas auto suggests, the hot gases that follow the cartridge are syphoned off through ports or holes in the barrel loop.

The gun can also be had in a true left hand version.