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Hatsan escort extreme max

Cartridges in the magazine tube can be isolated and the cartridge unloaded.
Technical details, this Hatsan is a gas-operated semi-automatic following fairly well established principles of operation.Also, thanks to the SmartMAX Piston, most of the recoil is eliminated before it reaches your shoulder giving shooting conformance, reduced barrel rise and faster swing on targets.When viewed in a dispassionate way simply as a multi-shot firearm it is very efficient and one-up on the pump-action.These test guns have synthetic stocks and fore-ends.When firing light loads almost all of the gases are used to operate the action and only a small portion is exhausted.It also has a glossy finish on the receiver barrel, 11mm groove for scope mounts, Soft touch slut escort mistress finish black synthetic stock with rubber inlays for better control feel, and a rubber butt pad for recoil absorption 3 stock spacers to extend stock length of pull.The guns are designed to feed 70mm cases or longer.With a 28in barrel, the 3in version weighs in at 7lb and the 312in at 712lb.There are also a series of shims that fit ung escort at the front of the stock and can be changed to adjust cast and bend of the stock.At the same time, it is very pointable and, as I was to find out on test, comfortable to shoot with the bigger loads even if the butt-pad is a bit on the hard side.Steel shot suitable multi 5 choke system (F, IM, M, IC, CYL) Magazine capacity: 41 rounds Accessory magazine extension tube increases capacity to 71 Accessory migratory plug decreases capacity.As for the soft grey panels inserted in the synthetic stock and fore-end, they really do fulfil their function of providing a comfortable grip.Drops at heel and comb are.5mm and 41mm respectively.Hatsan Escort XtremeMax Semi Auto, the Hunting purpose 12 gauge, 3 - 89mm double magnum chamber, is a gas operated bordell spain semi auto shotgun and is fitted with Hatsans fast Loading SmartMAX Piston System.Competitively-priced, well-designed and reliable, this is a practical semi-auto, says Lewis Potter.First impressions, first impressions are that it is a big gun, due in part to the visual effect of the long aluminium alloy receiver to accommodate 3in (76mm) cartridges.
The Magnum version, called the Xtreme, takes up to 3in Magnum shells and can accommodate loads from 24gr to 57gr (2oz).
The gun can then be re- oiled for its next outing.

To prevent this, good cleaning habits are important and motor oil will stand the heat better than conventional gun oil.
A chrome-plated lever situated in the middle of the carrier at the bottom of the receiver is the bolt release, while the safety is the familiar side-operated trigger lock at the back of the trigger-guard.
The rest of the chokes in the set include three-quarters, half, quarter and cylinder, all suitably marked.