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January 11th, crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is to begin his 3500 km dogsled expedition to Greenland today that is expected to last at least 4 months.
Instead, what we have now, is tiny Switzerland, anxious to please its masters in Washington and New York, by arresting whoever those capitals (of USA and High Finance, respectively) have decided to arrest.Senior Labour MP Tony Wright has said the controversy over the newest members of the British House of Lords underlines the need for bordell köln bonn flughafen further reform of the Upper Chamber.Organisers of the Olympic Games of Sydney have come under fire from monarchists for including an attack on Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain in their official programme.37 of the people in the Netherlands think there is a big chance Crown Prince Willem-Alexander will marry Máxima Zorreguieta soon.Waiting for him is an action that accuses him of bodily harming, insulting and threatening a German hotelier and disco-owner on the Kenyan island of Lamu in January 1999.A funny blunder of the Duke of Edinburgh.They pick their noses, put their elbows on the table and are very noisy.In the evening there was a party at Celle Castle, for which 200 people were invited.It is said the operation went very well.The Queen told Victim Support the organisation would simply not exist without its volunteers.The Prince of Wales pays a two-day visit to Northern Ireland.December 6th Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein and his wife Sophie became the proud parents of a son, Nikolaus yvonne escort de Sebastian Alexander Maria, who was born in the Spital in Grabs, Switzerland, early in the afternoon.After the service they laid a wreath at the monument on the Dam Square and there were two minutes of silence to commemorate the deaths of World War.December 21st Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is starting to sound more like some of her trend-setting young subjects.Queen Beatrix and Laurentien Brinkhorst attended the presentation of the diploma.In 1951 the Art Collections had taken over the expropriated personal property of the Ducal House from the Feste Heldburg.
Also Felipe Prince of Asturias was present.
In the evening it was confirmed he suffers of neurological problems after the operation.