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Mk2 escort rocket bunny kit

Mccdc : Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Quantico, Virginia.
Monkey butt : slang for the how to escort a pc in a car sore irritated condition in the private or nether region of one's anatomy when compelled to persistently perform activities with inadequate hygiene; an equal opportunity malady that plagues men and women, walkers and riders, sitters and standers, regardless of race.
Also, a dining room or refectory where such meals are served; sometimes called "chow hall and since redesignated as a Dining Facility (dfac known as a field kitchen when setup in bivouac.See THE little RED book, paper tiger, civilian, PRC, chicom; compare uncle HO, uncle JOE, butcher OF baghdad, uncle SAM, vinegar JOE.Monkey meat : WWI slang for a squad-sized canned ration (B-rations) of beef and carrots that was unappealing and unpalatable, which phrase has since been applied to any "mystery meat see camel burger, sandwich, boxed nasty, spam, puppy peters, horse cock, slider, critter fritter, cavalry.Interior: Recaro race seats.Also, to place an idea or plan in abeyance; removed from further consideration, suspend from implementation.Navy from 1942 as a more practical replacement for the Mk1 / M-1 trench knife; the 1219C2 is commonly called a kabar, regardless of manufacturer.Mrrf : Mobile Road Reaction Force mruv : Mine-Resistant Utility Vehicle, a smaller and lighter version of the wheeled Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (mrap) vehicle with an armored V-hull that's designed for use in constricted urban areas (caiman) or off-road patrolling (M-ATV).Market time : Market Time combined US/VN Navy Coastal Surveillance Force program using small fast patrol boats to prevent seaborne entry by the enemy into South Vietnam; see NAD, swift boat, nasty boat, PBR, dagger thrust.Got that warm, fuzzy feeling inside yet?Mardiv : MARine DIVision, such as the 1st MarDiv or 3rd MarDiv.The audible range of sound wave frequencies for humans is 20 - 20,000 Hz; above which ultrasonic waves may be felt, instead of heard.Cf: vade mecum (Latin: handbook, guide (literally: "go with me A MAN'S gotta DO whaan'S gotta DO : a mi" that has become a catch-phrase for obligatory action, especially that which is distasteful or unpleasant, bothersome or vexatious; a moral debt or personal responsibility, deontological.A similar Navy or Air Force pilot's badge was "awarded" to bush pilots.See jeep, humvee, truck, track, tank, duck/dukw, gamma goat, cannibalize, PM, tank park; compare bird farm.Also, disparaging reference to the short jacket worn by a Navy waiter/steward and Army dining room orderly (DRO who was formerly (before desegregation) a contract employee of the government (not an enlistee see little brown brother, salt AND pepper, wardroom, glory hole, KP, cookie.Knowing that he could make it street legal and register it to drive on the local roads of his hometown in Park City, Utah, Ken Block hammered down in that direction once again with his 2017 4-seater Maverick.Compare ONE-time PAD; see code, KEY, tradecraft.
See straight arrow, cleanskin, fictional character.
Also, slang for any volatile fluid used as an explosive; also called cocktail, soup, heavy water.

This line "Go ahead scumbag, make my day!" uttered by Tom Walsh, or "Go on punk, make my day!" uttered by Dirty Harry has been attributed to screenwriters Dean "Dinky" Riesner and Joseph Stinson.
Eg: Gerber Mark I, Command I, Tac I, and Guardian I knives mark II : Vietnam-era Gerber Mark II Gulf War-era Gerber Mark II a privately purchased dagger introduced (1966) during the vietnam WAR by Gerber Legendary Blades; it featured a leaf-shaped.65" double-edged blade.