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Mount and blade warband can't escort lady

Added bandit lairs for all bandit parties.
Increased Siege Tower and Ladder build times.
You can no longer forcefully recruit Night's Watch troops.
Persuade lords to make peace : You will be asked to stop the war between the Guild Master's faction and another faction within 30 days.Train troops : You will be asked to train a random number of troops to a specific type,.g.You can now recruit Freelancer troops in the Free Cities.Re-did and fixed rigging on many armor models.Added new bandit party: Sellsword Marauders.Slightly changed dornish troops equipment.You no longer lose strenght if failing to loot a camp template.Tweaked various weapon text.Margaery Tyrell is no longer 0 years old.Bugs: Fixed Freelancer game menu.The escort malmö patricia quest to kill looters got the wrong reward in the description.Tweaked the second valyrian face a bit.The Arbor is now a town.Note: once you've completed this quest, the time limit is removed.Essosi factions now use a mixture of own troops and sellswords.It is necessary to fight the guards (convincing a nearby village with a bribe of up to 300 denars to fake a fire drastically reduces the number of guards).
If you let him go, the quest giver will only pay you half of the usual reward.
Various prop texture changes.