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Mount and blade warband escort lady bug

Fixed Wray defenders getting stuck on roof.
Slight changes to flora_kinds.
Pictures taken by local media show the white van, its doors wide open, parked in a gated portion of the parking lot and surrounded with yellow evidence markers.
Various map party location changes.Added escort service helsinki three new guildmaster quests.Bandits will become slightly more aggressive towards you and your escort, making this type of mission an excellent source of combat experience.Not able to replicate.Bugs: Tycho Melas is no bra bordell i köpenhamn longer the same age as his daughters.The battlemap with ruins no longer has ruins.Qohor and Pentos have garrisons consisting only of Unsullied.Various interior scenes changed.Tweaked the flora_kinds slightly.Added proper family relationsships.Tweaked reinforcements - lords should no longer instantly receive a hundred men right after being defeated.Added many new heraldic shields.Crannogmen once again wear boots.Bugs: Fixed some map icons being assigned the wrong icon.Unique ship icons for every faction.Added new area specific battlemaps.New scenes to explore/raid.You can no longer keep items looted as a freelancer.
Fixed shield resistance points.