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Mount and blade warband viking conquest escort caravan

mount and blade warband viking conquest escort caravan

Ray (and Gugnir as well but a bit less) damage reduced to put it in line with other spears (tradeoff of length vs other factors).
For simplicity I used a standard escort skåne sjöbo set of possible WPs, one for skirmishers, one for warriors, one for untrained (left those alone, like brunhild, asbjorn, beda, ones like that then modified up a bit depending on things like powerstrike and level.
4)Tier V bodyguards/champion swordsmen lose the langseaxes, reddit ibiza escort stories broadseaxes, and knives, and now all have swords.Brakuje ci szczęścia i pieniędzy.Mostly relevant in the early game, and counteracts the occasional early game times when the new loot caps might reduce loot a bit) 8) Bandit spawn frequency increases by 50 to adjust for a VC system where spawns are capped earlier when large, and.Find their wonderful VC Tweaks Tool here: m Credit to EvilSquid for all his great bugfixes, included in Balance Mod with permission, permission granted via both email and personal message at Taleworlds forums.Previously they were far inflated, perhaps intended as a money sink or to encourage the player not to use them, but we are balancing them in better ways and a couple thousand extra is not going to delay a player (one more tournament victory, part.Troll axe removed stabbing animation (now swing only reduced cost Increased berserkers and repurposed standard bearer/dane axe wielders in pure norse recruiting templates (danish, Norwegian).Nie zabrakło możliwości konstruowania i kupowania różnego rodzaju statków oraz kompletowania drużyn do żeglarskich grabieży.Changelog.0 (as always, save compatible-full release version, no need to install prior versions first Dialogue option to change lady equipment added back in, after removal.1.Slight difficulty level tweaks (hard difficulty no longer gets reduced tariffs, normal gets same escort mk3 4wd AI target evaluation treatment as hard) Gloves no longer can be improved in quality.Clicking on each of those options reveals that a great caravan (20) of Smoked Fish can be organized, as opposed to a small caravan (5) of Linen.See this post and the follow-up questions for a full discussion: m AI Lords now only court within their own faction (no more Briton lords in long distance relationships with Danish girls) Lots of lord stat and skill adjustments, as well.Thanks EvilSquid for granting permission!Unlimited reinforcment waves in battles.Ale musisz zachować tę zdolność dla siebie, w przeciwnym razie sam staniesz się celem zasadzki.