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Nx escort refit build

Space arlanda escort set, Nukara Strikeforce Technologies Space set, Omega Force Space set, Quantum Phase Applications, reman Advanced Prototype Space set, Romulan Prototype Space set, Sol Defense(Desperate defenses Space Set Solanae Hybrid Technologies Space Set, Terran Task Force Space set, Temporal Defense Initiative, Breen Absolute Zero Space.
Time-stamps: 0:57 Ship statistics 6:00 Ship customization 14:41 Space visual's 47:05 Star ship Mastery 48:37 Star Ship Admiralty Card 49:32 Console Universal Statistic's 53:13 Bridge officers stations/seating's 0:00 Ships bridge 54:40 Space Mission - (Space Combat) 57:00 Unique space skill from Console Universal Point Defense.
In this video i also show the special ability with the Console Universal Point Defense Bombardment Warhead!
The Borg Collective has re-emerged as a major threat.The game is set in the 25th century, 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.YouTube m/user/STOunrefined, second Channel facebook m/STOunrefined.VAtzF6aUtBFw, check out my social media pages where you can post your thoughts on the various topic's, i look forward in hearing from you here on, Google plus, Facebook or Twitter!Crunchy Chips: Ugh, another 'personality'.Bruce Jenner: Now we need an Enterprise era shuttle pod and an actual NX bridge.Ccs4646: Breen hull is ugly.Also the special and tiny unique bridge of this vessel is just awesome to see!Josh Baker: You should fight Andy in his Prometheus with this.Tim of Borg: I love this ship, mrSpartan99: Is this on console?Alex Kiepura: the jj verse enteprise looks great though.The character i love playing with in this game is known by @Cicuta, this is also my main account i play with and make video on.Shizhi Chian: what trorpedos ano niem: learn to talk.After that i have joined special mission on Normal without doing a lot of work to finish the mission.Tommy Smyth: How much will this cost, with real money?With all the 4 piece consoles being on the ships belonging to different factions, how did you get them all on one character.Star Trek Online Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (Video Game Genre) also features expansions pack's like Legacy of Romulus, Delta Rising and Agents of Yesterday.Torpedo capabilities and phaser capability I give 100.Space set, Aegis Technological Research Space set, Assimilated Borg Technology Space set, Fluidic Counter Assault Space set(Counter Command Delta Alliance Assault Space Set, Dyson Joint Command Technologies Space set, Iconian Resistance Space set, Jem'Hadar Space set, Kobali Regenerative Circuitry Space set,.A.C.O.Star Trek Online is just awesome!The alliance between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire has collapsed, and both sides are once again at war.
Abrams' Star Trek reboot while the Dominion rebuilds its forces.

Star Trek Online is set in the years 2409/2410, thirty years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.
Darth Nychta: it is cool, joseph Sikora: for looks and style I give it 100.
A man can dream.