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Overwatch escort map

overwatch escort map

If the defenders set up shop on the payload you will need shields to move your team to their position.
Her ability to provide mobile cover is essential when adapting to the moving payload.
With an Orisa shield to protect your team, focus on punishing the team right from their spawn.
Our most popular Overwatch articles: Escort map team comps and builds.Although you may be able to push the first capture point with a scattered offense, you will undoubtedly need like-minded teammates when pushing the second two points.With these three in position, high DPS characters like Widowmaker, McCree, and even Zenyatta have free reign of the enemy team with no barriers to shields to get in their way.Editor's note: December update - It's been a little while since we updated our Escort builds guide, and the changes we've now made reflect the latest changes to the game.Hanzo can now rapidly fire up to 6 arrows that deal reduced damage but are always fired at full power.The defense will always be readjusting with a moving payload, so getting behind the enemy lines can shake things up in your favor.Instead, hold on top of the gas station, next to the capture point itself.Dont them push the cart at all.Although touching the payload is always of the utmost importance, using escort zandra95 flankers to disrupt the enemy defense can prove highly useful with Gibraltars many back hallways.You'll find that all of the Heroes featured here synergise well with one another, and have proved themselves to be top tier picks based on the early competitive Overwatch scene.The citys famous canal runs through the middle of the map, adding a new dynamic to players playing style.Radius decreased from 10 meters to 7 meters.Somewhat obviously, *Junkrat is a solid pick for his escort fit body home map.As with every escort map, moving the payload is your number one priority.

The maps backdrop is the infamous Venice Incident, a turning point for Overwatch and Talon.
Set up your defense on the payload when possible to prevent the enemy team of securing any progress.
Pick the hero you're best at playing, and even then feel free to go outside of our recommendations if you're much stronger at a hero we've not included!