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Allan, William, PO - DFC Sqn - rafvr.
Abbott, Maurice Eldon, FL - DFC Sqn - RAF.
He has set a fine example." RE: DFC citations Author: Arculus Time Stamp: registered user 06:51:37 Post: Hugh, I do thank you for qall your hard work, Digger).Second tour was 11 June to (17 sorties of which two are described as "unsuccessful all in Bomber Command.Throughout he has habitually found his target, often a dangerous one, bombed it, and returned without damage to his aircraft or injury to his crew." sanderson, Hugh James, Acting Flight Lieutenant, (67686, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) -.139 Squadron - Bar to Distinguished Flying.Born 1920 in Buenos Aires; home there.He is always eager to operate against the enemy and his quiet and dogged determination has contributed towards the success of the missions in which he has been engaged.Now on his second tour of duty, he has flown on numerous long range escorts, and on attacks against shipping off the northwest coast of Germany, and he has obtained valuable information of enemy convoys.He set a fine example of leadership and personal skill in carrying out nine night sorties to a strip in enemy-held territory during Operation thursday.Although by this time luleå escort his engine was giving little power he changed course for the alternative target, Palermo, which was off his route for the last 30 minutes of his Estimated Time of Arrival.In addition Squadron Leader Sheward has flown on a large number of armed reconnaissances."Since this officer has been in command of his squadron he has taken part in a large number of operational sorties of a varied nature, including shipping and strategical reconnaissances.Sheward, Ronald Edward Goodman, Acting Squadron Leader, (120053 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) -.266 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated Citation in Air Ministry Bulletin 19899."This officer has participated in many attacks on enemy or enemy-occupied territory.Embarked from Halifax, 1 November 1943; arrived in Britain, 9 November 1943;.6 (P) Advanced Flying Unit, ; attached.1517 Beam Approach Training Flight, 1-;.19 OTU, ;.41 Base, 8 September 1944;.76 Squadron, ;.635 Squadron,.Two gun posts were silenced.Excellent photographs which he obtained showed his bombs bursting across the docks.Despite this he skilfully flew his crippled aircraft over a well defended area and the North Sea safely back to the United Kingdom.Hughes, Flight Lieutenant, George Pryce (J4819) - Mention in Despatches -.105 Squadron (deceased) - Award effective per London Gazette of that date and afro 726/46 dated Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; home there where he was a livestock importer; active in rowing and competed.Father died of tuberculosis in 1929.No citation in that publication.Citation from Air Ministry Bulletin.
All navigational aids were rendered unserviceable and two members of the crew were seriously injured.

Alexander, Donald Robert, FL - DFC Sqn - rafvr.