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Prostitution перевод английский

Boys are in prostitution as much as girls.
Frito became vice president.
With him was Tasha Brooks, 22 st pauli hamburg bordel years old, prostitute, crack addict.
Prostitution translate English to Arabic: Cambridge Dictionary.I was afraid that she would prostitute herself to get the money to buy heroin.The Criminal Code prohibits prostitution and severely punishes prostitutes and procurers.Oh, and by the way, Bobby, I'd make an awesome prostitute.Once in the hands of the traffickers, they are forced to prostitute themselves or to perform slave labour and are massively exploited.Child-headed households are particularly vulnerable to exploitative labour and prostitution.We say no to the abuse of children for pornography and prostitution.Prostitute translate English to Russian: Cambridge Dictionary.Cambridge dictionaries logo, follow us prostitution prostitució prostituição prostituzione, create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free!This special body also conducts raids on establishments being used as fronts for prostitution.But she's a prostitute and I sold my soul a little.Well, I'd rather act like a child than a prostitute.
There was no specific law relating to child prostitution.
The obvious similarity being it's a prostitute whose throat was slashed.