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Putain de bordel de merde pronunciation

This is one of my favorite French expressions because I love how it so concisely sums up one of my favorite English expressions: shit-stirrer.
(Dont listen to him, hes an idiot/asshole.) Ne lécoute pas, il est con.
That mechanic really fucked.
Beyond the bad word: Verlan is a type of French slang where the syllables of a word are escort västernorrland reversed. .Literally, I hit my balls (testicles) with. .Every time a train was cancelled, I could hear lots of ils font vraiment chier!Jump to navigation, jump to search, see also: merdé.Tu ne fous rien de tes journées.On the other hand, if the person saying it is doing so in an aggressive way, it could probably be better translated as Shut the fuck up!(As soon as she knows her sister has a crush on a boy, she tells him._ de merde Shitty/fucking. .For example: Allez, va acheter tes baskets de merde!A few layers, some lighting effects, a Photoshop checker pattern for filler, and there you.Armed with this list now you, too, can go forth and (when reasonable) pepper your conversation with them, if you choose. .Interjection edit merde uri, vulgar ) shit!, crap!Still, when extremely tired, I have been known to say.(She asked him not to go into the bedroom, but he didnt listen.Swear words ( gros mots ) in French are especially important, since in general, the French tend to be pretty open about them.
Merde (or how to say shit in French Merde Shit.