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Quel bordel deutsch

quel bordel deutsch

Who is your favourite singer?
Je beste bordelle spanien regrette la Guerre Froide.
Matériel, de n'imp or t e quel t y pe, éventuellement.Hôtel de passe brothel, whorehouse.» View all results * 'Quel bordel!' also found in translations in English-French dictionary what a bloody shambles!Artwork, jockum Nordström, backing Vocals, jevetta Steele (tracks: 4 Paris Klingberg * (tracks: 7 Robyn (tracks: 9 Titiyo (tracks: 4, 7, 9 conductor Strings Conducted. which book?Toutes les informations, les idées, les images. Which countries did you go to?What a shambles!; mettre le bordel real thai escorts to make a terrible mess; 3 (tapage) racket; faire le bordel to make a racket.De ces candidats, quel est votre favori? .What the hell's going on here?See the example sentences for the use of "quel bordel" in context. Which of these candidates do you like best?Entry related to: bordel, additional comments: Collaborative Dictionary French-English quel bordel!2) * ( maison close) brothel la réouverture des bordels the reopening of the brothels, reopening the brothels.(chose) what, quelle est ta couleur préférée? . What time is it?Stop shouting for Christ's sake! Which band do you like best?It's a right mess!
(très familier) brdl nom masculin.
Excl * bloody hell!