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Quel bordel translation

quel bordel translation

I know the drill.
So, this is how you say ".
Yeah, well, I wondered what the fuck my brother had got us into.
La Russie, quel bordel!Well, then everyone would realise what a gxsbj8b skinny_asian_teen_works_as_sex_escort_takes_a_big_uncircumcised_cock fucking mess this.Soyez prudents dans tout ce bordel.Uh, enough to create a real mess.French - English Dictionary: We have found the following english words and translations for quel bordel!T'es rien en face de nous bordel.(Man) Russia, what a fucking mess.I'm talking about this whole mess.The mess is your relationship with Francis.Je ne peux même pas imaginer quel bordel serait ma vie sans lui.You think I'm crazy now, oh, I can't even imagine what a fucking mess my life would be without him.
Yeah, well, your little kingdom is a mess.
Where's Tonino?, fuck him, let's.

Je regrette la Guerre Froide.
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