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Noble M600 Speedster, lamborghini Countach 1989 Lamborghini LM002, Lambos take on a SUV 911 Targa reimagined by Singer 1959 Aston Martin.2-Litre DB4GT Sports Saloon 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T, bMW.
The profile is boosted by skirts that, as they meet the rear wheel arches, emulate the curvature found up front on the lip spoiler.
Zur Galerie, bodykit ab etwa.000 Euro, wer jetzt auf den Geschmack gekommen ist, aber einen Golf lieber selbst zersägen will kein Problem.He likes driving, and driving hard, so once he gets a bit of free time he will be hitting tracks like Meihan for a bit of sideways action.Cruising around the access roads inside Fuji Speedway the FR-S looked nothing short of breathtaking.After spending some time with the car, taking in all those lines and details, what comes across almost instantly is its simplicity.Much like Nakais RWB cars, a certain element of roughness kind of suits Miuras rides.Den Innenraum hat der Tuner leergeräumt, die Rückbank musste Platz machen für einen Wiechers-Clubsportbügel, vorne sitzen Fahrer und Beifahrer auf schwarz/roten Recaro-Schalensitzen.Bodykit ist somit unumkehrbar.Das Rocket-Bunny-Bodykit für den Golf 7 hat nämlich eine Straßenzulassung inklusive TÜV-Segen.Fredrics car actually wears the master of the kit shipped off to Norway just in time to be painted and stickered up for the cars debut.Thanks to a set of KW adjustable dampers the FR-S sits just right, low enough to look good but not too low that it is undrivable.Im probably not alone in saying this, but every time I look at these pictures I cant help but want one!There is continuity from the front all the way to the back, which is finished off with the mother of all rear wings, taking obvious inspiration bordel paris from the rear end of the BenSopra R35 GT-R.Aside from the exhaust system the engine has been left stock, and by the looks of it has not even been washed since the car arrived in Japan.Uhmits a tough choice!It is still very much a work in progress, but so close to completion that it was deemed more than ready to be shown off, which is why Enkei had it on their display area at the event.Such is the power of the internet, where news spreads as it happens and is old a day later.It isnt a first per se, as Miura actually supplied Fredric Aasbos GT86 with his kit ready for its first public unveil this past summer at Gatebil.Aside from the obvious riveted-on front and rear overfenders the FR-Ss kit also consists of a more aggressive front armed with a lip spoiler to help create that initial visual impact when viewed head.Das KW-Clubsportfahrwerk ist für den Rennstreckeneinsatz deutlich besser geeignet als ein Luftfahrwerk.Vorne wächst er um 45 Millimeter und hinten sogar um 70 Millimeter pro Seite in die Breite.
Lamborghini Miura, toyota 2000gt 72 SRT 10 1970 Ford Bronco, nissan Skyline C110, bMW e Tomaso Pantera.
Its not a fully prepped bordell tyskland lagligt pro-drift car, nor an equally extreme demo car, but the wild street car it was always meant to be in Miuras head.