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TConsiderationSetter Noun Oriented Thinking n Or, as it is said outside the Kingdom of Java, "Noun Oriented Thinking Considered Harmful".
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Or whatever I was doing.
Nouns are things, and k hatsan escort mp where would we be without things?There are "things" there, but all things are created from verbs, even the very integers for counting lambs, which are the most popular form of trading currency there, if the rumors speak truth.KudoZ Points (in pair), next, last, jack Doughty, translator since 1953, mechanical engineering, aerospace, metallurgy, shipbuilding, Patents, business correspondents, contracts, media, politics.And of course in addition to verbs and nouns, we also have our adjectives, our prepositions, our pronouns, our articles, the inevitable conjunctions, the yummy expletives, and all the other lovely parts of speech that let us think and say interesting things.1, caution : This story does not have a happy ending.Classes are really the only modeling tool Java provides you.Notes 1 Beginning with the verb "to stamp out which is being replaced by a call to But that's getting waaaaay ahead of ourselves.English United States 2635 points Russian to English mk_lab Tech Science translation and writing Technical translation, software localization, technical writing, science, electronics, Physics, computers, hardware, software, education, technology, electric engineering, chemistry, medical instruments, electrocardiology, manuals, user guides, radio, IT, information technologies, IP, telephony, IP telephony.The Verb "execute and its synonymous cousins "run "start "go "justDoIt "makeItSo and the like, can perform the work of any other Verb by replacing it with an appropriate Executioner and a call to execute.In the Functional Kingdoms, Nouns and Verbs are generally considered equal-caste citizens.There's rarely any need in these kingdoms to create wrapper nouns to swaddle the verbs.With a little experience at this kind of conceptual modeling, Java citizens realize they can express any story in this style.Any type system will require you to re-shape your thoughts somewhat to fit the system, but eliminating standalone verbs seems a step beyond all rationale or reason.If you're easily offended, or prone to being a disagreeable knave in blog comments, please stop reading now.Why should one kind of concept take precedence over another?But I do find myself appreciating the flexibility of its type system, at least compared with Java's.The residents of the Kingdom of Java aren't merely happy they're bursting with pride!Can you imagine their culture shock?Grifon's Gold, power Stars, sLOT-O-POL Remix, champagne Remix.But this is all beside the point of our story.But they're not mere pets; no, Verbs in Javaland perform all the chores and manual labor in the entire kingdom.
Regardless of the language you chose, or the exact steps you took, taking out the garbage is a series of actions that terminates in the garbage being outside, and you being back inside, because of the actions you took.
Wouldn't it be strange if we suddenly decided that we could no longer use verbs?