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Scenario 1 political escort xqing

"It was foolish to provoke them Stralbo observed sourly.
The tug had done a simple job, but done it quickly and well."You know rockets, I don't." "Certainly.You mind if I play some music, sir?" Jones had decided to be especially nice.The torpedo had impacted in the center of a steel plate on the outer hull, several feet from any weld joints.He walked back to his office, careful to close the door before lifting the scrambled line to Washington.Since his first year at Annapolis all he had ever wanted was command of his own attack boat.I cut it off him when he arrived.Still real faint, but that's our artemis bordell homepage boy.This made sense, sort.Jones loosed a single ranging ping.Svyadov returned with a meter-long pipe wrench.No mystery there, is there?Worse, the rows of "boat barns" built to shelter the missile submarines, modeled on World War II German submarine pens, made satellite photography impossible.Still, those are international waters." The president turned and spoke softly.If I am to die, it will be to my purpose, my friend!" Then the light clicked off.I hear you're teaching at Annapolis." "Yeah, and a little engineering stuff on the side." "What are you doing here?" "I'm running a program on the air force computer.His diplomatic charm has always been lost."Can you tell us where this happened?" "I can do better than that.Their conversation was animated."Conn, sonar, danger signal from Pogy!" "All stop!" Chambers ordered.The submarine was cleared of her personnel and carefully ventilated.
It's a sham." "So what the hell are their surface ships up to?" Barnes asked, puzzled.
They were on their way home from the Med.