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She alone is worthy of becoming the mother of the Bodhisattva.
Eller 200 But the Future Buddha in his splendid chariot entered the city with a pomp and magnificence of glory that enraptured all minds.
Visste du att Gudrun Schyman har blivit adel?The son of Semele, a child of Zeus!Then he lay down again in the coffin and closed the cover over himself.Exercise rulership, O One Well-gone!Vad escort svedala krävs för att bli brandman?Without killing or causing others to kill, without confiscating or causing others to confiscate, without sorrowing or causing others sorrow righteously!Varför fick björnen sova ute hela vintern?171 At such a time the Bodhisattva, the eldest in the three regions, and adored of creation, seeing that the proper season had arrived, that the moon was on the 15th day of its age and in perfect fullness, renounced the mansion of Tushita.71 And Alemena was joined in love with Zeus who drives the clouds and bare mighty Heracles.188 And Pokkharasati said to Ambattha, Ambattha, my son, the ascetic Gotama is staying in the dense jungle of Icchanankala.Then the bandit worshipped at his feet and uttered this exclamation Who once did live in negligence and then is negligent no more, he illuminates the world like the moon freed from a cloud.Dom gillar att vara i pool position.
(Diodorus Siculus ca 9022 fvt Library of History, 4:38:4-5 Loeb).
Ja, vänta tills min blir två så kan du få den ena.

But of the heaven which is above the heavens, what earthly poet ever did or ever will sing worthily?
These resemblances were certainly not the only ones that pagan exegesis established between the two religions, and the figure of the tauroctonous god reluctantly immolating his victim that he might create and save the human race, was certainly compared to the picture of the redeemer.