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Sto escort or cruiser

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The Retrofit version of the porr prostituerad Ambassador class has been upgraded with modern technology, resulting in a versitile design covering all three professions.The nacelle pylons are swept forward, and if Regent nacelles and pylons are paired with a shorter hull option (such as the Sovereign the nacelles models will clip into the saucer.Heavy Cruiser edit edit source Cheyenne class The Heavy Cruiser is one of the few Starfleet ship designs to have more than two nacelles, Heavy Cruisers fought in the Battle of Wolf 359.The ship is an alternate reality version of the.S.S.Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser edit edit source Emissary class Utilised by the Terran Empire and an occasional few having drifted over via the Azure Nebula spacial rift, this ship looks more like the Prime Universe Star Cruiser, but has more of a tactical advantage.These cruisers are much more capable than a tier 2 Cruiser.Federation, cruisers at tier 2 (Lieutenant Commander) or higher have 4 device slots and gain a bonus 5 to all power levels.(Screenshot by @tunebreaker hiya!Uni, bOffs, iR, cost 1, light, cruiser 1 1 10,.4.2 50 1, utility Cruiser 1 1 10,.4.2 50 1 TOS Constitution Class Cruiser 1 1 12,.4.2 45 Zen 500 1 Cruiser 10 2 19,.15 40 1 Cruiser Refit 10 2 19,.15.Exploration Cruiser Refit edit edit source Venture class Based on the Galaxy class design, but much larger (it is the largest of these four starships), the Venture Class represents the pinnacle of starship design.The ship blazed many trails in the early days of the Federation, under the command of legendary captains like James.It was destroyed in battle in 2344 while protecting the Klingon colony on Narendra III from a Romulan attack, and all hands were presumed to be killed in action.For the non-playable ships, see, federation, cruiser (Mob).It is currently commanded by Captain Data.Build posts are only effective when clearly communicated.Cruiser edit edit source Constitution class (refit) The Cruiser is well-suited for cargo or transport missions.Check out our suggestions for Season.Advanced Heavy Cruiser edit edit source Excelsior class The Advanced Heavy Cruiser has been in Starfleet service since the late 23rd century.It features an additional Science console slot and upgrade the Ensign Engineering Bridge Officer Station to a Lieutenant Engineering Bridge Officer station.Main Discord for r/ sto ; simply join it and navigate your way.These stout ships sport massive warp cores, which generate surplus power for subsystems.
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Heavy Cruiser Refit edit edit source Constellation class The oldest ship of this type, the Constellation class borrows heavily from 23rd Century starship technology and design aesthetics, such as the Miranda and Constitution -classes.